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We always encourage our customers to take care of the products and therefore extend their life. For us there is nothing better than serving you with highest quality natural materials.

We believe that everyone should express their personality with the products they carry while taking care about our planet at the same time. We always make sure to minimise the environmental effect while producing our products, but paying extra attention on how you take care of them will prolong their life and reduce energy consumption. 

The care instructions will give you advice on how to take best care of the products, so they remain with you for years to come.


Our leather is premium quality, but still as a natural material it can be sensitive. We suggest you to take extra care of leather by keeping them away from water or rain as well as rough surfaces, heat and chemicals. All leather needs to be conditioned once in a while to keep it soft and supple by applying leather grease to avoid the leather looking or feeling dried.

To get rid of light stains, wipe the leather with a slightly damp cloth and always dry leather at normal room temperature. We recommend to take the products to a specialist leather dry cleaner only when necessary as the solvent used in dry cleaning process is harmful to the environment.


We use cotton canvas for its durability and versatility. The reason why cotton is such a popular fabric is because it is low maintenance and will last a long time if treated with care. The dirt can be removed by wiping the cotton canvas with a moist cloth. Be gentle since hard rubbing can cause spots.

For washing purpose, we recommend careful washing by hand. Use lukewarm water and a mild, non-bleaching agent. Let it hang dry and apply grease on the leather details when completely dry.