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Tree Plantation Program

Forests cover 31% of the land area on our planet earth. They provide oxygen and and livelihood for millions of people and wildlife. Unfortunately, according to UN, we are destroying 7.6 million hectares of forests annually which is the size of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg put together.  At SVENKLAS, we believe that anyone can be a game changer who carries small actions that contribute to a better world. And our mission is to inspire customers and companies that empower this revolution. So we’ve decided to make a positive impact on our people and our planet. 

We plant 2 trees for every SVENKLAS product you purchase in collaboration with India’s most 

trusted platform GiveIndia. 

About the Program

GiveIndia is working with Centre for Aquatic livelihood in Vizag, Srikakulam, East Godavari, Vijaynagaram in Andhra Pradesh, Tikamgarh and Chatterpur in Madhya Pradesh / Bundelkhand area and in Aurangabad, Sangali and Pune in Maharastra. Presently they are working with more than 15,000 farmers across project location. 

They have planned to introduce Moringa plantation on all project locations. The rate of absorption of carbon dioxide by the Moringa tree is twenty times(20x) higher than any other tree, thus rapidly reducing the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide which is one of the major causes of global warming.

It is perfectly suited for areas which are prone to drought and grows up to a foot per month. It is also known as “Never Die” plant due to its adaptability to environmental changes.

Our Moringa Tree Plantation Program gives following benefits.


Carbon Neutralisation which results in direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its sequestration. 


Provision of food and nutrition in drought hit/ distress area like Marathwada, Bundelkhand zone. Moringa is called as superfood, need low maintenance and less water for irrigation. Start fruiting within a year.


Income and livelihood enhancement through collectivization of farmers.

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