India’s leading female DJ Duo, Nina & Malika are the women firing up India's electronic music scene. From having opened for Coldplay to being signed by SPINNIN Records, the duo has risen to be a prominent name in the circuit. We joined them for a trip down the memory lane.


How did you both end up playing electronic dance music and what were the personal challenges in your journey?

We were always passionate about music and used to have a lot of DJ friends around the time we were old enough to party. We started learning just for fun and went for production classes at a friends studio(Brian Fernandez). He got us a gig in Mumbai that happened to be televised around the country and from there it just snowballed.

When we started there weren’t many girl DJs so it was a new concept which helped to get hired but at the same time we had to prove ourselves so much more to the industry. There were stereotypes we had to push past.

What’s the most fun and challenging part of being India’s leading female DJ Duo?

The most challenging part now is the hectic traveling & odd sleeping hours. Was a great feeling to have our first track release cross 4million on YouTube. We’re so blessed to be able to represent india internationally, considering there are so few female DJs/producers out there who are originally from India representing. And playing for festivals is always a blast! 


We had to prove ourselves so much more to the industry.
There were stereotypes we had to push past.



How do you get inspiration for your DJ projects and what is the most important thing for you in your work?

Creativity usually happens spontaneously but some times we like to sit around with our family or management & bounce ideas around. We try to have a positive msg in our tracks & sets!

What are the palette of references and styles that you move across while playing?

We mostly mash up pop top lines with EDM drops.

How has the electronic music scene evolved in our country since the time you started playing?

Dance music has come into our country in a huge way in the last few years! Festivals & College fests have had a major influence in the growth of EDM.

Svenklas_journal_nina_and_malika_collage_2How do you see the future for women in electronic music and DJing in our country?

It’s very bright! We have lots of international girl DJs settling here now too! There’s so much room for growth.



Which is your favourite Svenklas Backpack?

We love Amber so much.

Where can we find out more about what you’re up to?
We are on Instagram @ninaandmalika


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